Interview: Madame Curie

Hello¡¡ Welcome to Totally Informations. My name is Paula. This afternoom, it is very interesting, because let´s go to interview Madame Curie. Madama Curie is a woman very important in the history. Start with the interview:

- Hello, Madame Curie. How are you?

-Hi, Paula¡ I fine thank you, and you?

-I fine. Thank you!

-Well, start.


1-Did you like your work?

Yes, it was very important for me and for other people.

2-How became so important in the history?

First, I was interesting lost of things about the medicine and about the naturally. Also, I discovered lots of medicine. I like help many people.

3-What did you invent?

I invented.... the X-Ray, the Radioactivity and something chemicals, for example, the uraniom

4-Are you happy to helped people with your medicine?

Yes, I liked helped people. It is fantastic! I feel very happy and i feel important.

5-How long did you have study medicine and other things?

I was study long time. Some...... twuenty-five yeards.

6-Did you study other career?

No, only about the medicine.

7- Was sad your childhood?

Yes, it was very very sad, but my family help me.

8-Ok, now, you did yoy feel good about that you do?

Yes, it was very happy.

9-And what is yours hobbies?

Uff, I have lots of hobbies, for example, play tennis, go to the cinema, and invent things about the science.... Lots of things!

10- You is happy in Spain?

Yes, I is very very happy in Spaim. It is a fantastic country! Also I Like her Paella!

Ok, Madame, Thank you.

Well, ok. This is the end of this program. By Bye, and tomorrow, her, in Totally Informations.

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